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Compatibility with Shoe-care Products – A Recommendation

Abrasion Resistance: Of Top Priority!

Hazardous Substances – An Update

PFI Fareast at the Jinjiang Int'l Footwear Exhibition

Malu Dreyer at PFI Fareast








Compatibility with Shoe-care Products – A Recommendation

PFI and the leather-care product manufacturers who are members of the German Cosmetic, Toiletry, Perfumery, and Detergent Association (Industrieverband Körperpflege‐ und Waschmittel e.V., IKW) have issued a Quality Assessment Recommendation for Compatibility of Shoe Uppers with Care Products.

This recommendation will enable shoe manufacturers and other leatherworkers as well as the shoe and leather trade to establish whether the upper materials used are indeed compatible with care products.

More ...

 Will the finishing agent used on the upper material
permit the use of standard commercially available care products?


Reklamationsvermeidung / ScheuerbeständigkeitAbrasion Resistance: Of Top Priority!

There is a laudable current trend to make use of natural materials: However, such materials should be used in such a way as to produce a durable product.

The PFI Physical Laboratory has noted a significant increase in the number of complaints about shoes exhibiting a lack of abrasion resistance and offers recommendations.

More ...

Major cause of complaints: Inadequate
abrasion resistance of footwear materials


Aktuelles zum Thema SchadstoffeRegulation of Hazardous Substances – An Update

Routine extension of the SVHC Candidate List was undertaken in December 2013. Seven further substances of concern were added.

Moreover, an EU Regulation concerning polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) also came into force in the same month.

More ...

The SVHC Candidate List is steadily growing in length.
Some of these substances may be used in footwear.


Stand des PFIFareast auf der Jinjiang International Footwear ExpositionPFI Fareast at the Jinjiang International Footwear Exhibition

From 18 to 21 April, PFI Fareast was present as an exhibitor at the16th International Jinjiang Footwear Exhibition in order to showcase the services of the PFI Goup.

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Jinjiang International Footwear ExpositionMalu Dreyer at PFI Fareast

Accompanied by a large delegation of some 60 persons, Malu Dreyer, Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, paid a visit to PFI Fareast at Quanzhou / China on 11 April 2014.

Her visit was one of the stops on her journey through the Province of Fujian, which was arranged to celebrate 25 years of partnership between Rhineland-Palatinate and Fujian.

More ... 



Sample Submission Guidelines for Maximum Efficiency

The PFI laboratories always strive to process test orders fast and cost-effectively. In order to ensure efficient processing and rapid availability of the test results, samples must be submitted in sufficient quantities and dimensions.

What guidelines should be observed on sending samples to PFI?

More ...

 Soles may be submitted either
unattached or attached to shoes


Umfrage von PFI, VDMA und ASSOMACThe RAPEX Rapid Alert System

RAPEX stands for "Rapid Exchange of Information System (RAPEX)". This is an online-rapid alert system of the European Commission for Europe-wide distribution of warnings relating to products posing a serious risk to health and safety. The kinds of products concerned are articles of daily use such as toys, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, tools, cars, electrical appliances, etc. 

More ...

Do you know what RAPEX stands for
and what it means for you?





The ADDFactor project has the aim of setting up a system of “mini factories” for manufacturing customised footwear in the immediate proximity of the consumer.

The project is based on a need-driven approach where an on-demand-production system is able to manufacture shoes which are adapted to the individual needs and the biometric data of each customer.

ADDFactor has the potential to completely redefine the relationship between the retail and the manufacturing sectors. The research consortium working on this project, which includes PFI, will present its final results in the second half of 2016.

More ...

 A grand vision: The ADDFactor Project


Self-lacing Shoe

The engineering department of PFI is currently developing a self-lacing and self-powered shoe in a research project.

Such a shoe should help to enhance the independence and safety of older and physically challenged people.

More ...

 Can be put on or taken off without help and laces itself up
(click on the Figure to view a brief video clip)


Advanced Material Parameters for Orthopaedic Footbeds

Erweiterte Materialparameter für Orthopädie-FußbettungenCost pressures in the healthcare system are compelling companies in the orthopaedic footwear technology sector to seek effective solutions enabling them to offer patients at least the same quality of care at less cost. Particularly in the case of orthopaedic footbeds, more information about the material properties would make work easier. This was the topic of a PFI research project.

More ...

 Shore hardness, absorption behaviour, recovery properties –
proper cataloguing and characterisation permit rapid choice of the right materials 



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